Thing 4: Blogging begins with reading

Blog writing is a lot like reading a novel written in first person narrative. It’s like listening to someone tell a story.  It’s very personal and contains random ideas (at least the ones I’ve read), but it’s interesting how others can read the information and offer their own comments.  I read the first blog about the math teacher that didn’t assign homework. He stirred up quite a conversation among teachers. I totally agreed with him, but it is hard when people argue against that idea by saying that in life there will be work outside of school.  It just depends on what your goal is for your students and their differing abilities.

Blog writing doesn’t seem to have all the rules of formal writing. You can write in paragraphs or just ramble; you can write whatever you want–even profanity; you can ask the reader questions and actually get responses.

The comments on blogs allow for discussion and possibly instructing others on certain ideas. Some people have personal experiences to share through their comments that can be beneficial to others.  You can learn from others without having to make those mistakes on your own.  Every classroom is different, but it’s helpful to see what others have tried before you go and try to reinvent the wheel.

I also liked the blog about the kids who used blogging for their SSR once a week.   What an interesting idea! The kids were engaged and interested.  As long as they are still reading traditional books and magazines, I can see how kids might like a variety of things to read.  Sometimes I forget that students as young as 5 can work computers and type better than I can now!

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